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The Leader in Hands-On Business Consulting Services

The professionals of Chikol Equities come with over 30 years of industry experiences. We have developed long-standing partnerships with government agencies, banks & lending institutions, private equity firms and business owners in providing superior and efficient services.

We Formed Chikol to Find and Purchase Distressed Companies, that at “One-Time Held Great Market Value” in Their Industry. Some Assets Sold via Chapter 11-363 proceedings at a Discount, but the Real Value and Bonus was the Business and its People. 

We are professional business consultants with a hands-on approach in operational assistance. Our corporate restructuring, financial advisory, operational process and asset management experiences are client tested. Our staffs of corporate bankruptcy and receivership specialists are also available when the conditions call for court protection. Overall, our top priority is value enhancement and business revitalization for all stakeholders.

Chikol’s extensive network of dedicated professionals include thirteen full time staff members and a handful of seasoned specialist contractors, most of whom have been working together for over twenty years. We specialize in working with organizations that want to develop strong department and group leaders while navigating issues created by economic conditions or internal decisions. Understanding if your firm has an effective operational process, driven by trained and directed leaders and staff – promoting a desirable offering is the difference between winning and losing.

  1. Typical Engagements of our Firm:
    Liquidity Crisis: Cash Flow Management – Hidden Values
    • Supply Chain Interruptions: Purchasing Modeling, Planning, VMI Plans
    • Logistics and Transportation: Freight Rates & Discounts, 3rd Part Logistics, Profit Ctr.
    • Due Diligence Assessments: All Aspects and Areas of the Acquisition/Investment
    • Business Restructuring: Sales, Supply Chain, Finance, Production, Engineering, QC
    • Interim Mgmt Roles – CRO, Operations, CFO, Logistics, Credit, Sales, Plant Floor
    • Cash Flow Plan: Working Capital Analysis 13/26 Weeks – Revenue/Expense Planning
    • Financial: Understanding your Costs, Cash Planning, Revenue/Expense Forecasting
    • Improving Lender Relationships: Work with Lender to Establish Trust & Routine
    • Capital Structure Assessment: Outside Equity Infusion, Current Asset Use
    • Operational Assessments: Does your Company Need a Health Check?
    • Fraud Investigations: Employee/Vendor/Client Inconsistencies Researched/Monetized.
    • Sales Growth and Account Penetration: G.S.A. and Commercial Sectors.
    • Corporate Bankruptcy, Reorganization and Receivership Appointments.

Chikol Equities is an advocate for positive change. Our professionals are typically engaged by the secured creditor, private equity and business owner for a variety of similar situations. We assist with revenue growth strategies, credits in distress, on site due-diligence work and implementing rollup of acquisitions with identified profit improvements. Each person on our staff brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to the project. Due to our team’s level of experience, we understand the struggles that companies are facing today. At Chikol, we empower long lasting positive change so that our clients can continue to achieve financial and operational success even in times of economic and business change.

An example of just some of the Manufacturing & Sales Firms We Purchased & Operated:

Lift Trucks & Material Handling, Target Range Systems for Military & Police, Plastic Mold & Die, Heavy Duty Tow Vehicles, Metal & Wood Office Furniture, Tool & Die, (QSR) Quick Serve Restaurants, Public Safety Products, Metal Stamping, Government Sales & others. 

After a Successful Sale of our Last Operating Business to a Public Company, We Focused our Full Efforts on Turnaround Consultancy with the Team that We Grew from our Many Companies during Acquisitions and Turnarounds. They Lived Thru and Worked Out of their Situations with Us!

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