Corporate Turnaround

Analyze. Plan. Recover.

Today’s business and economic environments are unstable and uncertain for several business industries. In these times, it’s difficult for corporations to plan, structure and organize their finances and forecast future earnings. Corporations today face the fact that financial restructuring and organizational restructuring may be necessary now or later down the road in order to be sustainable for the future.

How Chikol Can Help

Chikol has been in business since 2000 and our professionals have over 3 decades of experience as owner/operators and purchasers of companies who have faced financial struggles. For companies requiring corporate turnaround and restructuring, Chikol provides an operational analysis, which documents where failures have occurred in a corporation. Once the analysis has been completed, Chikol also develops a recovery plan so that the business can get back on track.

Other services provided by our corporate turnaround and restructuring program include:

• Interim/shadow management teams
• Financial analysis
• Sales analysis
• Marketing analysis
• Analysis of manufacturing operations

Chikol has assisted corporations both big and small with corporate turnaround and restructuring. Our team of dedicated professionals looks beyond cash flow by analyzing all facets of your business and then giving direction and leadership to help each department succeed.

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