Exit Planning

Achieve Long Term Goals for Liquidity

Product Overview: This product is designed to help privately held, small/middle market companies proactively achieve long term goals for liquidity while accounting for a variety of different considerations including lifestyle, family, employees and much more. We feel strongly that everything your company does should be done purposefully in the pursuit of your individual goals and feel that it is important to think far ahead to leverage your efforts and augment your results. We will work closely with the main stakeholders to understand their individual goals and provide a clear path forward to achieving those goals while maximizing the value of their firm. Ultimately our process boils down to an evaluation of understanding where you are today, where you’d like to go and how you can get there.

  • It is important for business owners to think critically about their goals related to exiting their business. While many seek to only maximize value, many others place a higher emphasis on remaining independent while perpetuating their business to family or key employees of the firm. Either way, we have the experience to help you understand all your options and talk you through what those options ultimately look like. We will often ask tough questions to understand your precise wishes so we can evaluate and develop the steps along the path to success and develop a realistic timeline needed to achieve your
  • Often times business owners are undecided on how to exit or are unaware of all of the options at their disposal. We will provide an evaluation of your current market position and discuss the various options for exit. We will also provide an overview of the market itself to help guide you as to how you can position your firm to achieve your
  • We will provide a current valuation of the company based on the goals outlined above. Often times valuation firms fail to understand the business owner’s goals and thus provide a valuation that is unrealistic or not tied to the owner’s direction of transition. It is important to consider the exit strategy when assessing value and our operational & personal ownership experience allows us to realistically value the business in the terms of a specific exit or a variety of different exits to help you choose a path. We are attempting to give owners “choice” of options tied to “valuation” and allow them to elect a direction that meets the many personal needs family businesses usually have to consider— often among a number of generations and
  • A valuation of your firm is just a snapshot of the value at that point in time, and thus we feel that also understanding what drives the value of your company allows management to pursue high leverage or other initiatives to maximize value. We will assess the main drivers of value within your company and the industry and help to develop key metrics that management can key in on to help you achieve the goals laid
  • We are not the type of firm who just writes a report never to be heard from again. We believe in long term partnerships with our clients and aim to help you each step along the way. Given this mindset, we have developed a vast network of banks, private equity firms, corporate entities, past and current clients and other resources that we can communicate with and leverage to bolster your efforts and improve the end results. We also believe that continuous evaluation updates of your firm’s value and the key metrics that drive value foster a culture that will aid in carrying out ownership initiatives once put in place. Our diverse operational background and capabilities can serve to help ownership along the value improvement path. We suggest at least annual valuations to include a detailed look into the performance of the business over the past year and will update your plan to account for changes in the business, industry or personal goals.
  • Buy/Sell Agreements: In stock transactions between the shareholders of a privately held companies, it is critical to understand value under the terms of the shareholder agreement. Let Chikol facilitate execution of these transactions as an objective third-party valuation expert.
  • M&A Activity: Whether you are looking to sell your company, execute a platform or roll in acquisition, Chikol has the deep industry/market experience and knowledge to accurately assess the value of a business entity in the specific terms of the proposed transaction. 
  • Exit Planning: With so many options on how to monetize the value of business interests, understanding how your exit strategy will impact return is of the utmost importance. With extensive experience in these transactions, Chikol can help lay the groundwork for a lucrative and successful exit without sacrificing your personal/family goals. 
  • ESOP’s: ESOP’s generally require at least an annual valuation to facilitate the transfer of shares within the Trust. Chikol can be a valued partner to ESOP Trustees by providing guidance beyond just a current valuation of the entity.  
  • Litigation/Divorce: Legal proceedings involving the separation of business assets can be complex and expensive. Chikol can provide an objective, third-party valuation that achieves a fair and equitable division at a cost-effective rate.
  • Tax Considerations: The monetization of a business interest can bring on tremendous tax consequences for both the buyer and seller. Knowing the value can help you plan for and minimize tax burden.
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