Asset Management

Maximizing Recovery

At Chikol, we provide comprehensive asset management services, including:

• Portfolio Management
• Portfolio Monetization
• Due Diligence Services

Each industry is different and therefore Chikol bases our asset management strategies on the particular niche the assets are in. We focus on all of the underlying factors included in portfolio management so that we can provide a thorough assessment and create a plan which will result in the best possible outcome.

At Chikol, we provide asset management services to:

• Stakeholders
• Insurance companies
• Lending institutions
• Private equity firms
• Mezzanine funds
• Hedge funds
• Private equity firms

With over 30 years of experience between the managing partners of Chikol alone, our level of experience enables us to make decisive and informed decisions, while maximizing the recovery of assets.

If you’re a buyer who is looking to make a new investment, Chikol also performs intricate and extensive due diligent assessments so that you can make a confident decision before you make a commitment.

For more information regarding the asset management services offered by Chikol, see:
Due Diligence Services & Portfolio Management and Monetization

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