Asset Recovery

At Chikol, we understand that asset recovery can be a time consuming and never ending task, which is why we’re here to help. We create and implement an asset recovery plan based on our client’s specific needs. Asset recovery involves cooperation, negotiation, time sensitivities and a special skillset; all of which can be provided by the experienced professionals at Chikol.

How Chikol Can Help With Asset Recovery

Not only is asset recovery time consuming; it also turns into an expensive task. By having a vast knowledge base of asset recovery strategies and by using effective research methods, Chikol can leverage our deep knowledge of market conditions in order to get quick and effective results. We have a proven track record of quickly resolving complicated asset recovery situations.

At Chikol, we use hands on and results driven strategies to assist us in asset recovery. We put into place appropriate controls and create reporting responsibilities so that asset recovery can take less time and be less of a financial burden on our clients. Our goals are to improve communication and relationships between our clients and their vendors; free up management resources and decrease costs.

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