Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Sales

Chikol has earned a stellar reputation in the industry for assisting companies with mergers, acquisitions and business sales. Merging, acquiring or selling a business is an overwhelming process that often involves risk to all parties involved. Chikol has a proven track record in helping organizations with mergers, acquisitions and business sales in a variety of capacities.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Mergers and acquisitions are complex and therefore it’s not uncommon for organizations to seek out additional advisory services. From researching potential tax related matters to performing due diligence assessments prior to a merger or acquisition, Chikol has a team of professionals in place who are industry leaders and advisors.

At Chikol, we are a financial operator and we also have the ability to utilize our expansive network to help secure financing or to provide in-depth financial analysis before, during or after a merger or acquisition.

Business Sales: At Chikol, our goal when it comes to business sales is diligently working with the company to provide a superior level of service so that the sale of the business goes smoothly. At Chikol, our managing partners have substantial backgrounds as business owners and purchasers of distressed companies. Due to our extensive experience, we have the know-how and expertise to perform accurate assessments and valuations, create solid business plans and market the business to potential buyers. Our approach to business sales include:

• Preparing historical financial data and future financial projections
• Preparing an executive summary of the company
• Collateral assessment
• Identify potential buyers
• Construct confidentiality agreements and clauses
• Due diligence assessments between buyer and seller
• Marketing strategies to entice buyers
• Negotiations between the buyer and seller

At Chikol, we are experienced in assisting companies in several different industries with mergers, acquisitions and business sales. Our team will carefully work through complex matters so that you can continue to operate your business during the merger, acquisition or sale.

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